We are the West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance

We believe that violence is not inevitable; it is preventable.

We are taking a stand.
Everyone can play a part and make a difference.

The WMVPA is an alliance of organisations united by a drive to see the end of violence.

By taking a public health approach to prevention we work hard to understand what’s really causing the problem. By working to tackle these driving factors, we can address the issues often behind violence.





We understand that there are different expressions of violence, but behind them are numerous and overlapping factors that are either ‘risk factors’ for making violence more likely, or ‘protective factors’ which mitigate against victimisation or perpetration of violence. We can maximise the impact of prevention efforts by joining together and addressing the connections between forms of violence. Any work that supports achieving the protective factors is a form of prevention, as well as work that aims to counter the risk factors.

Common Risk & Prevention Factors

The Alliance is responsible for a number of projects that work to prevent violence and help to build safe and healthy communities. We also support other organisations in planning how they can incorporate work which proactively seeks to prevent harm and work in a trauma informed way.

We were founded by Public Health England and West Midlands Police, and we receive funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands.

We are a member of the World Health Organization network of Violence Prevention Alliances.

The Alliance is overseen by a Governing Board which is made up of:

West Midlands Police

  • Public Health England
  • Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, West Midlands
  • NHS Trusts representative – Chief Executive
  • NHS Clinical Commissioning Group representative
  • Education representative – Head Teacher
  • Local Authority representative – Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Public Health
  • Voluntary sector representative
  • West Midlands Mental Health Commission representative


Common Risk & Prevention Factors