Shared successes

Sharing SuccessThe MVP programme is not a ‘project’, ‘quick win’ or an ‘add-on’, therefore requires a high level of commitment.

We are really keen to have an overview and be able to share successes of the progress, achievements and learning across our MVP schools and partners. It really doesn’t matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ this is, we want to see it and hear about it! This could be by photographing mentors planning or delivering lessons, there could be photos of staff meetings discussing the outcomes or the use of existing communications for example school newsletters, website information and competitions as examples.

Anecdotal comments from staff are key to the success of MVP, together with feedback from observation forms, or more importantly any data relating to reduction in exclusions, lower numbers in seclusion and less incidents in corridors etc.,

Monthly, we will be sending out a calling notice for you to complete the ‘Sharing Success’ proforma and return to, we also require Nil returns. Sharing Success is a key element of MVP as it facilitates shared learning, reinforces the programme, keeps information current and shares good practice.

This is not the only way to share with us, we have created Sharing Blog area for you to contribute to at any time. Anything you would like to share, quotes or comments etc., please email them to

Or fill out our online Sharing Successes Proforma

Further information

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Our Successes

Coundon Court, Coventry

7th June 2019

School Name: Coundon Court
Local Authority: Coventry
MVP Lesson/Session Title: Racism
The MVP mentors successfully completed their first session with year 7 students. […]

Birmingham Knife Crime Campaign

19th August 2019

School Name: Birmingham Youth Service
Local Authority:  Birmingham City Council
MVP Lesson/Session Title: Anti-Knife Crime
Two Youth Workers from Birmingham City Council, Darnish […]

British Youth Council Event

9th September 2019

School Name: West Midlands Event
MVP Lesson Title: Photos
The opportunity to raise awareness of the Mentor’s in Violence Prevention (MVP) programme, […]