Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP)

Welcome to the Mentors in Violence Prevention West Midlands website. We are looking for a different energy to start to look at reducing violence incidents and crimes across the West Midlands. We want to use our website to support the safeguarding, health and wellbeing Of our here and now young people and the future adults. Within this website, we will take you on a learning journey with a difference that will contribute to the prevention of violent and bullying incidents. We will start to help schools to create a safe and trusted space amongst their peers for open and honest conversations. You may have heard of ‘MVP’ as an innovative peer to peer programme that enables a group of young people in your setting to learn classroom discussions primarily dealing with the ‘bystander’.

  • What do you do in any given situation?
  • Do you deal with the situation directly to get involved?
  • Do you distract someone in the situation the change to course of direction?
  • Do you delegate and pass on to someone else OR do you delay, think about it, ask questions of your own thoughts, or take some action?
  • There are no right or wrong answers, MVP gives young people the opportunity to speak up and engage in dialogue together ‘peer to peer’ in school time?

Ofsted – Judging Personal Development

Students will challenge their own thought processes by considering what constitutes a good leader. They will put themselves into real live scenarios and consider their actions. Students will look at stereotypes and how their own perception of a person or situation affects their ultimate decision. They will become inquisitive individuals, curious of themselves! They will look at varying levels of abuse and how one small comment could escalation into something larger. The power of the media and social networking inclusive to all discussions. Ordinarily these discussions we never have time to discuss. If your curriculum can allow for a one hour lesson every six weeks you have made the right choice.

Want more background?

Watch MVP founder, Dr. Jackson Katz, talk about one of the issues MVP addresses
Further background and anecdotal information from Rita Pierson: