Message from the team

The MVP Programme that we share with schools is not mandatory, but our attempt to do something different to ensure as much as possible the outcomes are different. As a team, we started our journey with the West Midlands Violence Prevention Alliance 2018. This has been an incredible journey to date, having had the opportunity to work with professionals from across the West Midlands from schools/other organisation to then facilitate deliver to young people, all of which are at varying stages. We are rapidly developing MVP but are committed to retaining the fidelity of the programme.

The is not an add-on to current initiatives/projects, it is to add value to what currently works and to provide a platform to create resilience confident mentors, who have the skills to articulate the MVP programme to younger mentees in the school environment. We work with a range of personnel from the school community to embed MVP and ensure it has the platform it requires to become common school language. We need our school community to understand that it is not a sprint yet a marathon to success. Our primary focus is to empower young people to make the right and informed choices based on their own volition/free will.         

We are looking forward to working with more professionals from across the West Midlands and we would encourage you to get in touch for a chat if you need any further information before expressing an interest.

Meet the team

Juliet Herbert

West Midlands MVP Development Officers

Sarah Dorsett

West Midlands MVP Development Officers