Background and context

Welcome to the background and context information that relates to introduction of MVP into your school setting.

Whilst the training for the staff is free the continued investment of embedding MVP into the school ethos and school language, requires a whole school approach and should not be seen as a tick box exercise.


Cost and commitment 

The MVP programme is not a ‘project’, ‘quick win’ or an ‘add-on’, therefore requires a high level of commitment.

MVP is free to all secondary schools in the West Midlands and accessible to those schools that meet the requirements of the School Readiness document. MVP also requires a one hour lesson to be delivered by the student mentors each half term – equivalent 6 lessons per academic year.

These lessons and the whole culture around MVP need to become an integral part of school life and language, and an equally important part of the curriculum (PHSE, Citizenship or Drop-down Days).


Implementation of MVP

There is a recommended Implementation Guide for your consideration.

The implementation of MVP must be a whole school approach to ensure benefits of the programme within school. This requires all individuals within the school knowing what MVP is and that the school plans to implement it. With this is mind we have developed the following presentations that you can adapt for individual school needs: –

SLT Briefing

Staff Briefing

Assembly Presentation

Investigate further opportunities to raise awareness of MVP using existing school communications channels.

To support you with the role out and implementation of MVP there is good practice guidance below.

MVP Process Map

Action Planning Guidance

Action Planning Template

To support the recruitment of student mentors we have drafted a good practice application which you can adapt to meet the needs of your school. Please also refer to the MVP Assembly presentation to support recruitment of your student mentors.

Student Mentor Application Form

Quality assurance is an integral part of MVP. Whilst your student mentors are delivering their MVP lesson, we recommend that the lessons are observed/critiqued to inform future development opportunities.


Training and development

A West Midlands training schedule has been developed for you to be able to manage your training attendance. The MVP mandatory two-day training takes place within each local authority, over an annual academic period. You DO NOT need to attend the training dates specific to your work location. Dates have been set to provide flexibility, and staff from the same school can attend separately if required to assist cover arrangements.

The two-day training aims can be viewed below:

MVP Training 2 Day Training Aims

The new training schedule for this academic year also facilitates development days for staff and student mentors. For staff the development days are for existing trained staff to attend and update their MVP skills and acquire new resources. It also gives the opportunity to share experiences with other schools across local authorities in the west Midlands.

The development day for trained student mentors within your school is to provide the opportunity to work alongside other trained student mentors from schools across the West Midlands. This gives the mentors the opportunity to develop their training knowledge around:

  • Bystander approach
  • Gender stereotyping
  • Leadership skills and qualities and;
  • An enhanced understanding of abusive behaviours

It also provides the MVP team with a captive audience to seek and gather views regarding the role of the mentor and will aim to support young people in their future development.

View Training Schedules:

September 2019 to July 2020


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